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Data is Plural Podcast — Crossword Data

I was on a podcast!

Check out the latest episode of the Data Is Plural postcast to hear me and fellow crossword archivist Saul Pwanson talk about our respective crossword datasets. I also opine a bit on milk carton data collection, and I’m only now realizing how prescient those comments were! 1

For more, check out my previous blog post introducing the dataset, the dataset itself or the source code.

  1. I mean, just listen to this:

    [Pactiv Evergreen, a milk carton supplier,] has … resurrected a defunct generic brand and will use its design for all cartons, rather than interrupting the line to change logos. This should speed [milk] production and increase capacity by 10%.

    Wouldn’t that be cool to see in a dataset? ↩︎

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