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Loplop Cryptic #011 [5×]

After my last puzzle with The Rackenfracker, I’m sure you’re eager for a change of pace, so here’s a bite-sized puzzle! Thanks to Michael Colella and dianyx for the test solves.

Please do check out the clue workshop below, and I’ll be back soon with another full-sized crossword.

Clue Workshop

Today’s clue workshop comes from my previous quiptic, so if you haven’t given that a go yet, just keep on scrolling!

Important to accept package if I happen to be unable to (11)

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  • Definition: Important
  • Wordplay: SIGN (“to accept package”) IF I CAN’T (“if I happen to be unable to”)

This is an example of a pun or heteronym, which concretely just means that a word becomes a different word or phrase upon some respacing or wilful misinterpretation.

These are some of my favorite clues, because the wordplay is so obvious once you see it, yet changes the way you see the word forever. Also, it tends to be the kind of clue that hooks beginners the easiest — a very underrated benefit, in my view!

Whether it’s thinking of a TOWER as a tugboat (a tow-er, a thing that tows), or imagining a UFO sitting atop a pagoda whenever I see DISCONTENT (DISC ON TENT), or the quiet thrill I get after being reminded of Robert Landsburg every time I see MOUNT ST HELENS (MOUNTS THE LENS)… Here’s to more homonyms!

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