⁂ George Ho

Loplop Quiptic #007 [9×]

A quiptic this time! I’ve been travelling recently, so this puzzle is smaller than usual, but I hope it’ll still entertain cryptic newcomers, and serve as a fun warm-up for cryptic veterans. For those unfamiliar, a quiptic simply means (a) a smaller grid, but more importantly, (b) only one wordplay mechanic per clue.

In other news in Loplop’s crossworld:

  1. Both joeadultman and danandbabka have streamed my previous 15× puzzle. They’re both excellent crossword streamers — tune in the next time they stream!
  2. A kind stranger of the Internet has digitized and uploaded Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword, a seminal book on cryptic crosswords, by one of the progenitors of the form itself.

Huge thanks to Steve Mossberg for making sure that I’m constructing quiptics correctly — I hope you enjoy the puzzle!

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