⁂ George Ho

Loplop Cryptic #005 [11×]

A lightly challenging but hopefully still accessible 11×11 puzzle today!

I’m very grateful for a reliable pool of test solvers: whether they’re cryptic newcomers who opine on the overall difficulty of a puzzle, or wordplay veterans who pick on my cryptic grammar, clue by clue. This week, a huge thanks to Michael Colella, Ziv Stern and Jay White for test solving and clue editing.

I’m currently working on an exciting variety of puzzle, but I’m not sure when it’ll be done, or even where it’ll live when it’s finished. If you want to get notified when it’s up, make sure you follow me somehow! (My Twitter and newsletter are your best bets.)

web / puz / pdf / solutions and annotations

Edit: there was a typo in the entry for 2D. I’ve since corrected the puz and pdf versions, but unfortunately Crosshare doesn’t allow editing entries (only the clues). I’ve appended a note to the clue to reflect this. Sorry.