⁂ George Ho

Loplop Cryptic #004 [15×]

Wow, constructing a 15×15 crossword is tough stuff! Coming up with the filled grid and preliminary clues was only around half the work: the rest was editing and polishing clues. I’ll probably take it easy next week and write a smaller 9×9 or 11×11 puzzle.

Following Steve Mossberg’s example, I’ve published a version of the puzzle “with wordplay”, where each clue tells you the kind of wordplay involved. If Crosshare supported underlining clues, I would also publish a version of the puzzle with wordplay and the definition underlined — but alas!

Huge thanks to Steve Mossberg and Kit Sovereign for test solves and suggestions for clue improvements!

Plain: web / puz / pdf / solutions and annotations

With wordplay: web / puz / pdf